And Bioshock Infinite DLC has Officially Been Announced!

I am so excited by this news! Irrational Games has announced the three new downloadable content packs that will be offered for their latest bestseller, Bioshock Infinite. Bioshock Infinite focuses on the seemingly utopian world of Columbia, a hyper-religious and hyper-American society that floats high in the sky above the United States, from which it separated in order to maintain it’s conservatism and moral ideals.

The game, originally released in March, is being expanded upon in these three segments that will be released between now and March 2014, the first of which – Clash in the Clouds – is now available. Clash in the Clouds is an action-based pack that adds new combat stages and abilities to the game and is included in the game’s Season Pass. If you do not have the season pass, the content can be downloaded for the price of $5.00.

Also announced today was the upcoming story DLC for the game, called Burial at Sea. These two packs will return the player to Rapture, the haunting city at the bottom of the sea featured in the original Bioshock game (as well as it’s sequel).

I have not actually played the original Bioshock game, but I have played most of Bioshock Infinite. I would love to finish playing it in the future, but I rented it and played it on my boyfriend’s XBox 360 and have not gotten a chance to finish it yet! I have watched entire playthroughs of both games on YouTube (I recommend ChristopherOdd’s in particular!) and am currently working my way through watching Mr. Odd’s Bioshock 2 playthrough as well. The games have held my interest ever since I saw Bioshock Infinite advertised during the VGA (Video Game Awards) earlier on this year. Something about them is so captivating to me – I love the emphasis on story, it’s like playing a movie! Each game features extensive commentary on agency, however, and for that reason I would have to argue that these stories are most effectively told through the gaming medium.

With the DLC confirmed to be featuring Booker and Elizabeth, I’m excited to see how their characters have changed from the last universe to the one depicted in Burial at Sea! As a cinema fanatic, I’m loving the film noir inspired look, as well. Definitely exciting to see where these new installations will take the lore of the fascinating lands of Columbia and Rapture next.

Are you excited for the new and upcoming Bioshock Infinite DLC? Leave a comment and let me know!

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